CILBOND Primers & Bonding Agents

To combine the different properties of rubbers, urethanes, plastics and more.

Bonding Agents and AdhesivesCILBOND is range a of high-performance primers and bonding agents, designed to chemically bond rubber and polyurethane elastomers during the moulding / casting processes to a variety of substrates including metals, plastics and fabrics.

Kommerling UK is also a pioneer of one-coat bonding agent technology, with products that combine primer and top-coat technologies for all rubber and urethane types.

Cilbond technology is capable of chemically bonding the following materials:

  • Rubber to Metal
  • Rubber to Plastics
  • Rubber to Fabric
  • Rubber to Glass
  • Polyurethane to Metal
  • Polyurethane to Plastic
  • Rubber to Polyurethane
  • Friction Materials to Metal

An overview of our adhesives is shown below:

Kommerling UK's unique ability to formulate its own polymers for bonding agent development enable us to outperform products currently available and to exceed industry demands and specifications for bonded components.

Cilbond 10E

Cilbond 10E is a one-coat bonding system for a range of rubber compounds. Our Cilbond 10E has excellent resistance to mould fouling and wiping and can be moulded at temperatures up to 200°C, making it ideal for injection-moulded components. View data sheet

Cilbond 12E

Cilbond 12E is CIL's recommended high-performance Primer system, when bonding Rubber to different substrates, particularly metals and plastics. Cilbond 12E gives excellent adhesion to the substrate and, when used under cover-coats such as Cilbond 80ET, offers outstanding environmental resistance, such as salt-spray, chemical attack and temperature variation. View data sheet

Cilbond 20

Cilbond 20 is a high-performance one-coat system for the bonding of Vamac® G and NR compounds to metals and plastic substrates. Cilbond 20 was developed specifically for the manufacture of Vamac® G automotive TVDs (Torsional Vibration Dampers), where in-service temperatures reach >200ºC. View data sheet

Cilbond 24

Cilbond 24 is a premier one-coat system for the bonding of NR, SBR, IR, CR BR, CSM, ECO and Vamac® to metals and plastics. Excellent resistance to heat, corrosion, chemicals and dynamic and static fatigue make Cilbond 24 ideal for use in the manufacture of engine mounts, suspension mounts, hydromounts, TVD’s and hoses. View data sheet

Cilbond 33A 33B

Cilbond 33 A/B is CIL’s high performance bonding system for fluoroelastomer (FKM) compounds. Supplied in two components, Cilbond 33 A/B is mixed together to produce a one-coat bonding system capable of withstanding the toughest applications such as oil seals, shaft seals, gaskets, valve seals and rollers. Once mixed, the system has a pot-life of up to 7 days. View data sheet

Cilbond 36

Cilbond 36 is CIL’s solvent-based bonding system for silicone rubber to metals and fabrics, and was developed in response to increasing in-service temperature demands. View data sheet

Cilbond 41

Cilbond 41 is a one-coat bonding system for low-temperature curing castable PU elastomers, foams, RIM and sprayable systems to a variety of substrates including steel, brass, aluminium, acrylic plastics, ABS, GRP, epoxies and concrete. Cilbond 41 has exceptional water resistance, making it suitable for sub-sea electrical connectors, pipe linings and coatings and cutting tools. View data sheet

Cilbond 45SF

Cilbond 45SF is a clear one-component solvent-based bonding agent for castable polyurethane elastomers and thermoplastic polyurethane elastomers (PU’s And TPU’s). It is especially suitable for use in dynamic conditions where hydrolytic stability is important. Components produced using a dry coating thickness of 25 microns will show no sign of edge corrosion after 400 hours salt spray tests. The environmental resistance to hot and cold water, fluids is excellent. View data sheet

Cilbond 48

Cilbond 48 is a fast drying one-coat bonding system capable of bonding both hot and cold cast polyurethane systems to a variety of substrates including metals, polyamides and other engineering thermoplastics. With exceptional resistance to salt spray and hot and cold water, Cilbond 48 can be used in the manufacture of rollers, wheels, pipe coatings and linings, belts and hose construction. View data sheet

Cilbond 49SF

Cilbond 49SF is the industry standard bonding system for hot-cast high-performance PU elastomer systems and TPU’s. Recommended by many PU system houses worldwide, parts bonded with Cilbond 49SF offer unbeatable performance in the toughest environments. View data sheet

Cilbond 62W Friction

Cilbond 62W is a water-based bonding adhesive for the Friction Industry, particularly for Brake Pads. Offering outstanding heat-resistance, and anti-corrosion performance, tests have shown that Cilbond 62W out-performs established solvent-based systems. View data sheet

Cilbond 62W Rubber

Cilbond 62W is a one-coat water-based bonding agent for compounds including NBR, HNBR, ACM, Vamac® and ECO and can bond to a variety of metals and plastics. Cilbond 62W produces bonds with excellent static and dynamic fatigue resistance and tests have shown that it can match solvent-based systems, even at high temperature in applications involving oil, water, fuels and alcohol. View data sheet

Cilbond 65W

Cilbond 65W is a water-based bonding agent for silicone rubber compounds and peroxide-cured fluoroelastomers. Offering exceptional environmental resistance, particularly to oils and high temperatures, Cilbond 65W is used in applications such as oil seals, shaft seals, gaskets, valves and rubber rollers. View data sheet

Cilbond 80ET

Cilbond 80ET is our high-performance top-coat bonding agent and when used with Cilbond 12E (Primer), offers the ultimate in environmental resistance and protection from extreme temperatures, chemicals, oil and water. View data sheet

Cilbond 89ET

Cilbond 89ET is a speciality one-coat bonding system, capable of bonding a wide range of rubber compounds to metals and other rubbers using conventional moulding techniques.

Cilbond 89ET can be used as a post-vulcanisation bonding agent (to bond already-cured rubber to metal), and is used in applications such as automotive TVDs. View data sheet

Cilcure B

Cilcure B is a specialty curing agent for use with the Cilbond 40 range of bonding primers to enhance adhesion, particularly for highly reactive rotationally cast PU systems. View data sheet

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